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Gerencia - Manolo Pérez - Fundador y Gerente

Manuel Pérez Barragán

Founder and CEO

" This year we celebrate 30 years. We are proud of being a great team of 150 collaborators between trade representatives and employees. From the beginning, our vision was to be a leading, socially committed and modern company.

We have worked endlessly with full dedication and professionalism to make real this vision.

For us, the customer is the most important part of our business. All departments dedicate their efforts to provide a local service, offering our commercial experience and enthusiasm for growing together.

Nothing would be reached without a leading team keen to make ITEM INTERNATIONAL a flagship company in Spain and Europe.

Special thanks to everyone who helped and contributed to making this company a fabulous success."

Gerencia - Ezequiel Pérez

Ezequiel Pérez Rodríguez

Deputy Manager and Head of Import

Ezequiel has grown with ITEM ITERNATIONAL. Starting from age 16, he worked in all departments of the company. Thanks to his experience and the well done work, in 2003 he was chosen to lead the import department. He represents the key decision management together with his very dynamic team, optimally endowed in market and latest trends knowledge.

“We work with passion to choose our products, steadily seeking for new and unique trends“

Gerencia - Alfred de Celada

Alfred de Celada Carvalho

Commercial and Export Director

Alfred arrived in ITEM International in 2006. With his strategic vision and knowledge of highly competitive international markets, ITEM INTERNATIONAL reached almost any corner of the world. He represents an outstanding versatile profile with broad experience in senior positions in several companies in the world of consumer goods, consulting, sales and marketing, finance and NGOs. The trade and export team consists in a team of 19 professionals ready to assist and serve customers all around the world.

“We have a multilingual and experienced team that everyday faces customer service, international sales and top level of quality“

Gerencia - Josep Morales

Josep Morales Juliana

Commercial Director for Spain

Josep Morales has more than 30 years experience in marketing and sales. He joined ITEM INTERNATIONAL in 1997, being a fundamental part of the evolution and growth of the company. Responsible for 32 trade agents in Spain, it is responsible for the communication of the commitment with our customers. He embodies the mission of ITEM INTERNATIONAL: providing quality service, local, and focused on customers.

“Meeting the needs and expectations of our customers daily represents our main aim for a committed management.”

Gerencia - Jaume Mijana

Jaume Mijana Murt

Chief of Administration

Jaume joined ITEM INTERNATIONAL in 1990. Ten years later, he was engaged in the head management of administration. Before joining ITEM INTERNATIONAL he was responsible for management in textile and energy companies. With his team of 6 professionals, he is responsible for the financial management and budget execution.

“The organization and forethought thinking are the basic pillars of excellence in management”

Gerencia - Santi Rodríguez

Santi Martínez Raich

Head of Credit and Risk Control

Santi is the head of the risk control and credit management team in ITEM INTERNATIONAL since 1992. He has previously worked in the food sector as credit manager. Together with his team is the responsible for credit management and collections for our customers.

“We must know our customers; we have to know how to manage each incident personally, quickly and efficiently”

Gerencia - Eladio Rodríguez

Eladio Rodríguez

Warehouse Manager

Eladio, with more than 30 years experience in warehouse management, knows perfectly how to ensure the organization and staff to meet the objectives. He has a team from 20 to 30 people, depending on peak workloads, and represents the high quality system of receiving, order picking and large loads of ITEM INTERNATIONAL.

“With enthusiasm at work, we achieve our target in the shortest time” 

Gerencia - Joaquín Carrasco

Joaquín Carrasco Sans

Warehouse Manager

The professional growth of ITEM INTERNATIONAL  and Joaquín is linked since he joined us in 1995. He became warehouse manager in 2002. With his team of 35 to 60 people, depending on the station activity, he is the responsible of the management of the small volume picking, goods receiving and global shipping.

“We work daily with more than 1,000 boxes in the picking, in order to serve our customers as they deserve”

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